dealslet's give this for tots or cystic…


...but I don't want to give anyone Cystic Fibrosis!


We can give people CF? I'll take two!


As a nurse, I can attest that the CF kids lead a miserable life, Their mucus is so thick- they struggle hard to cough it out & not drown in their own secretions. These kids always steal my heart. In for $250


@ebalzen: They're already suffering and you're going to pay $250 so more people can get cystic fibrosis? That's turrible.


@ebalzen: That's very kind of you, I wish I could afford more.


@ebalzen: You're a good person. God bless you.


I have CF. Sure it sucks, but I fight it. I deal with it. I overcome it! I'm in for a donation on this one!


@ebalzen: Thank you for sharing this and donating! My son has CF and it's not a well understood disease. They're so close to finding a cure for some of the worst symptoms though, hopefully these types of donations will help speed the process just a little. Bless you this holiday season!


Tanga reports $3,200 raised as of 9 AM this morning.


thanks for the kind words- but please, give $20 if you can. Just google Cystic Fibrosis & take a look @ these kids. Merry Christmas to all


@lane7505: Good for you! When I started in pediatrics (1978) the longest life expectancy was 22 years old, and there were no specific meds. I understand they have isolated the chromosome now, and are very close to a break through. Have a wonderful 2012


@ebalzen: When I was diagnosed, the life expectancy was 18 years. I am now 29, and very healthy, all things considered. A lot of it is due to the huge advancements there have been in the last 20 years. The next 10 years are looking to be very promising with gene therapy in the works.