dealscraftsman: all rubber garden hose 5/8 in. x 50…


Free shipping if you buy at least 2 of 'em
I got 4 last time they were one sale.
They are worth the retail price easily, so 19.99 is a steal.

I was replacing hoses every year... I think I should be good for awhile now.


I purchased 250' of this hose when I got my first house -- in 1998. 15 years later it is 100% kink free, and looks every bit as new as the day I bought it. It sits outside 24/7 in bright FL sun.

About the only downside to this hose is the weight. It's a bit heavier that your average hose.

Also beware of 'HOT' water -- sitting out here in the sun means that the residual water in the hose gets hot. For the first minute of use the water is very VERY warm :)


I only buy these hoses anymore. They're definately worth their retail price. I've only ever had one get a hole in it. Since they have a lifetime warranty on it I was able to take it back to Sears and get it replaced with no hassel.