dealsfull half dozen gourmet dipped valentine’s…


Over $4 a berry + Shipping... hmmm


Wait till you see the shipping cost!


whats a Full Half? is that like 3/4?


Kind of weird they didn't cut Woot a deal. Put in "soccer" in the microphone in the top right to get the half dozen for $19.99


Order from them, and expect to get spammed like mad with their "Special Offers" and nonsense.


@chasiewbao: kudos to you.

in fact, i offer up that no one purchase this deal in protest of sponsored deal greed. we gotta hold down the sanctity of d.w, yo.

here's the same thing (half dozen) for 19.99:

here's double your order for only 34.98:

here's another dozen for 39.95 + free shipping:

here's how to make your own (BROWNIE POINTS):


Two dozen of these "giant berries" can be made at home for this price... they posted the recipe after all...
2 Berries Dipped in Milk with Heart Sprinkles
2 Berries Dipped in Dark with Red Swizzles
2 Berries Dipped in White with Heart Sprinkles


if you click on microphone and type in 'ace' you get same deal for $19


Oh, a "full half" dozen? Really?

Who says this? It's either a half dozen or it's a full dozen.


I don't care how you cut it, either $25 or $20 (plus shipping) for 6 strawberries is a horrible deal. Yeah, I know they're "dipped", my comment still stands.


$13 shipping for the 1/2 dozen + tax to IL


those better be the best chocolate covered strawberries ever

also, what the f is a "full half dozen"


TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS plus crazy shipping for six strawberries? Seriously, I think you'd have to be "dipped" to buy these.


Sometimes things are expensive and they're worth it. This is NOT one of those times.


Not a deal. Would rather make them myself.


Before my wife and I got together we agreed not to celebrate this bull(profanity) made up holiday.

I tend to give her gifts all year like flowers from Costco. But there is never a guilt trip built in, if I have forgotten. Same goes for her.


Guys? Trust me on this one - these. are. awesome. Yes, they're expensive. Yes, the shipping is also expensive. But what you get are PERFECT strawberries with chocolate. Compare these to the price of some long-stemmed roses, or a box of chocolate - not the cheap ones, either. These are quality. They will remember that you got them such a wonderful gift.



I saw a less fancy set at Russell Stover for $14.99. And it was a FULL 3/4 DOZEN! in other words, 9 dipped strawberries


@jvolinic: anyone who needs recipes for chocolate dipped strawberries, shouldn't be in the kitchen.


@robinbobcat: 1lb of See's (The best IMHO) chocolate custom mix (make it all strawberry creams if you want) is $20.40. Add $7.25 shipping and the total regular price is still less than the total "deal" price here. You'll pay over twice as much as this for a similar offering from Godiva (Very good, but overrated/overpriced IMHO) But they'll at least be hand-dipped the same day, and you'll be able to choose any combination of chocolate for dipping, rather than the OSFA 2 each. Hint: I love milk chocolate, adore dark chocolate, but despise white "chocolate".

As others have said: Make them yourself! Don't feel confident in your ability to present something elegant? Buy a fondue set, a couple Belgian chocolate bars, and a container of giant strawberries. Also get some marshmallows, a banana cut into thick slices, and an orange separated into segments. If dipping and feeding each other assorted fruits doesn't spur on a romantic interlude, nothing will!


@robinbobcat: Christ, I feel sorry for your husband.


I heard the ads on the radio. Then I found a living social deal for a dozen of these a few months back, so I bought it for my wife's birthday. The shipping on that was $13. When the strawberries came the chocolate shells around the strawberries looked great, and in all fairness the chocolate was good and the strawberries were sweet. The strawberries however weren't the bright red fresh strawberries you see pictured on the site. The strawberries were all that washed out pink color that you get from frozen strawberries. and they all had shrunk from the time they were dipped to about half their original size. So what you get is a box with a bunch of strawberry juice floating around big strawberry shaped chocolate shells with a little pinkish strawberry somewhere in the middle. I would save your money and buy chocolate strawberries from somewhere locally.


Run up to your local food mart, buy a pack of strawberries, then on the way to the cashier buy a brick of Hershey's chocolate. Alternate eating the strawberry and the chocolate while driving home. Then crash your car into the side of a house. It's the same thing really.


I feel sorry for the person who thought it was a good idea to pay for this "offer" (I can't call it a deal) to be sponsored on deals.woot

We are wooters, not your average consumer who will overpay for crap.


Last year local strawberry growers plowed under lots of their crops because they claimed the price per flat was cheaper than the cost to pick them. They should have dipped them in chocolate…


Boy oh boy, I just gotta buy these, because I just can't stand the thought of supporting a local business or buying anything in person, ever!

Valentine's is a big day for me and my GF. This year I bought her a one-of-a-kind handcrafted necklace in the shape of her favorite flower, which I found on Etsy. Six berries from these jokers cost more than the necklace did.


I don't know how much strawberries cost where you guys live, but here in Florida they're $2 a basket. I could EASILY make 4 dozen of these for this price. Without shipping.

Come to think of it, the Florida Strawberry Festival starts March 1st. I could probably get them for half that price...


I just checked for reviews/complaints on this company. Complaints are off the chain. Better Business Bureau gave them an "F" rating:

Here are some of the detailed complaints from another site, Complaint Board:

Caveat Emptor MFs! (that's My Friends, not the other MF. I'll reserve that for the berry people)


I don't think this would be a good deal if it was full full dozen


this isn't a berry good deal.


658 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 210 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues 278
Billing/Collection Issues 139
Delivery Issues 69
Guarantee/Warranty Issues 9
Problems with Product/Service 163
Total Closed Complaints 658

I love this from the BBB

Advertising Review
On January 5, 2012, the BBB contacted the company with concerns about the company's disclosure of additional fees while ordering products on their website and requested a written response from the company regarding this matter. The BBB found that their website did not disclose these fees until the end of the ordering process when the consumer's contact and payment information had already been entered.
The BBB made a second attempt to contact the company regarding these concerns on January 19, 2012, but the company failed to respond to the BBB's correspondence, address the concerns listed, or modify the advertising in question.


I see that they're related to ProFlowers.

I once did business with ProFlowers, and gave them a tagged e-mail for confirmation. That e-mail address was promptly sold to spammers.

I'd be very careful what information you give them.


I would advise against this. I am one of the people that got scammed out of a monthly fee. I'm still trying to get it removed!


Guys, quit whining about the "Full" Half Dozen. It is a simple typo. It should have read "Fool Half Dozen..."


I've ordered a full dozen from a local joint for $1-$2.50 a berry (depending on weight) with free shipping.

Online fruit orders never work because if you are not in a city or somewhere that has shops nearby that sell these, the delivery charge will be outrageous or they won't deliver to your area at all.


our family has been in poverty for months now and we are down to our last cow. my father sent me to the market to try and sell it to get money for bread

I was approached in the market by a mysterious woman named shari, she told me she could make all of our problems go away, I just had to buy a FULL half dozen of her dipped berries.

To my delight shari insisted that even though the regular price for her FULL half dozen berries was two cows, 3 chickens and a kiss, that she would give me the berries for just my one cow!

so I traded our last cow for a FULL half dozen of Sharis dipped berries, but when I got home my father was so furious he threw them out the window!!!

I went to sleep and dreaded the morning when we would have to sell our house in order to eat

Imagine my surprise when I woke in the morning only to find that the berries had grown into a gigantic man-eating vine, devouring everyone in town except my family, allowing us to Loot all of their homes for food!

Thanks Shari!


@ciabelle: Agree with this. Guys, this isn't that hard and you will get far, far, far more appreciation by doing this yourself. It isn't that hard, really it isn't.


Just type in 100 by pressing the microphone on top of the page and you get a better deal. This isn't a good deal. These are so overpriced it is ridiculous. Any city in America has this prouct and is so much fresher. I can go to the local high end grocery store or better yet, a candy shop that gives me this product at $1.50 a berry and I can pick and choose from the entire case.

HORRIBLE DEAL. For lazy people or idiots that have money to burn. I don't! Plus, support local candy shops and NO, I don't own or am I related to anyone who owns a candy shop. I just want a good deal. If this deal was for $10 with shipping, I might consider it. Reviews are mixed, but it could be that is hard get every berry perfect when you mass produce like this company. If I am going to spend $4+, they better be PERFECT! Get a groupon or living social deal for a local shop.


Anybody in Ohio can go to Anthony Thomas and get a dozen FRESH chocolate covered strawberries for $14.95. They do this twice a year, and it's much better than Godiva or anything else.


$30 shipped for six strawberries—seriously? Can't believe someone above called this a wonderful gift unless they're the size of a grapefruit each or something.


They aren't even dipped all the way to the top. If it was a full half dozen fully dipped, then I might be in, but since it's only fully 3/4 dipped, I'm not sure anymore.


Ha! Boy is this deal getting trashed!


@luvche21: The ones you get are fully dipped, I read somewhere on the site that the photo is for "showing the freshness of the berries." I still would never get these after the berries I got last month from these people.


If I was the recipient, I would rather have a $25 gift card instead. Or a box of See's truffles. Strawberries don't have that long a shelf life.

And this way you would save on shipping costs.


I will never order from them in store or online ever again. I spend over an HOUR in line at their local store (like an idiot last min before V day). My wife only likes normal milk chocolate, so I order a dozen. And they told me they only have mix dozens and single milk chocolates. I Said, “I will take a dozen a single boxed milk chocolates” (at like $5 a berry btw). The worker said I need to get my Manager. The manager came out and said I cannot order more than 1 at a time because that would circumvent their rules of only selling mixed dozen. I said, “okay ring me up for 12 separate 1 box normal milk chocolates” and the manager said 1 purchase per wait in line only. Everyone else in line was pissed too and on my side. I walked out with nothing.
I went to the grocery store, bought what I needed for $10 maybe and made like 30 of them. It took me 20 minutes and I can’t even cook.
I wrote a letter to the general manager and corporate headquarters, never got a response.


So what's the record for the most down votes on a woot sponsored deal? :)


Their berries are super tasty... but $25 for 6 is not a good deal.

is is