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Wearing pink for breast cancer, or buying pink products, is a demonstration of your support for the enslavement of women by a highly-unethical industry that seeks to turn women's bodies into profit centers. Wearing pink shouts, "I support the ignorance of women! I support Big Pharma! I support male-dominated corporate control over the health of women's breasts!"..... ..

Which simple nutrient prevents 77% of ALL cancers? Vitamin D

Best toxic free deodorant? a pinch of baking soda


The marketing push for pink products is so strong now that many companies selling products that actually cause cancer have jumped on the pink bandwagon! It's a practice called "pinkwashing," and when you see things like toxic cosmetics and chemically-manufactured personal care products sporting the pink ribbons and pledging to support breast cancer research, you have to stop and ask yourself the obvious question: Don't these products actually CAUSE breast cancer? Yes, many of them do.


Wearing something 'Pink' generally shows you have purchased the item and some of the proceeds are going towards research. If you get something free, how does it show your actual support? 'Yeah! I support breast cancer research... I'm not contributing anything to it but I still support it'


@xmonster: Its " free " advertising for the money making pink scam


you morons caused a concussion as I banged my head repeatedly on the desk while reading these idiotic paranoid comments. Is there a ribbon for that?


@kamikazeken: my fellow human , after you get over your rage, here is a great breathing technique to help you

My life is about helping others, so I hope you get better


Understandably this is a very touchy subject since most of us have someone close to us that has died from Cancer

Here is a great video about how to CURE cancer with some simple products you may have in the kitchen already

This is a great video about another nature cure for cancer
A World Without Cancer

The Science and Politics of Cancer

You see my fellow humans, there are a few cures for cancer, but these are not expensive so the medical community and drug companies suppress it since they can never make money out of it.

Peace and love


still waiting on an order from July



It's great that you've chosen to live this hyper all natural life. That works for you. But when you run around taking every opportunity you see as a chance to rant about your beliefs to the degree that you have, it's very off putting. While you may not intend it as such, it's very agressive and results in people putting up their defensives, resulting in them being less open. You make them feel judged. People don't like that. It's the same as if someone came on here and said the people who market these "pink" products were servants of satan, the power of pray cured cancer and started quoting scripture at us. Take it down a notch.

As for the sure seems to be a "deal". And I'm okay with it. I'll add the couple of bucks I might have otherwise paid for one of these to the money I already give to cancer research every year.


@craftyalexis: not judging. I'm just excited to let you all know about real cures and prevention. My sister was CURED of stage 4 stomach cancer with the baking soda protocol.

peace and love


I'm a breast cancer survivor who is still paying off the bills from my surgery and radiation treatments. Free sounds pretty good to me right now. Thanks OP!


What should be MOST offensive is that the whole "pink" thing is only for research towards breast cancer and the procedures for WOMEN to monitor and control it (as well as the research for a cure). The color itself gives it a very female-oriented aura as it is. Men die of all major diseases, including cancer, much more than women, and yet everyone is so damn worried about breast cancer? Why do we funnel so much money towards women's health and not men's? Men already have a much lower average life span than women, we should be funneling our funds towards men's health!

Also, there pretty much is a "cure" already if caught early enough. Its called remove the breast. OH THE HORROR! How dare we remove an organ than serves no purpose besides being groveled over by guys. Oh, and feeding, which can be done by formula. But removing the breast would be so heartbreaking for the women sarcasm and I guess society favors boobs over everything.

So when will there be ribbons for testicular cancer?


My mother is a survivor. I'm not getting into a flaming war, but if these little "pink" things help give her hope along with others with her then I think that it's worth it, even if someone is gaining financially from it.


dang, I ran out of downvotes for some of these comments


you can down vote me all you want, it will never change the FACT that cancer can be CURED now with baking soda , vitamin d, and apricot kernels


Why am I in for one? Because I, as a male, support anything that brings monies to research for the betterment of life. I see the comments on this and it sickens me. I partake in the Breast Cancer run every year, I donate at work for this, MS, MD, CP, and many others. Look, if you want to show your support, donate. A free pin is nice to recieve when you support the cause. Those of you who want to complain, go find a Roomba deal to complain about.


Oh, and for testicular cancer, it is actually a casue that is highlighted in "The Race for Life" in the UK. So, give it time to get here. All cancers deserve research. And if I remember right, wasn't "Livestrong" for Testicular Cancer? Yes. I know it encompasses all cancer, but much of it goes to what he survived.


The sky is full of stars, just as the world is full of genuine treatments and cures for breast cancer. It's just that the industry doesn't want you to know about them. You will only hear about those treatments that can be controlled and profited from, not about treatments that actually work to prevent, treat or cure breast cancer.

The cancer industry is not interested in actually helping women -- it's only interested in profiting from them. And that requires shaping their beliefs of what treatments are available, promoting the myth that more money will result in finding a "cure" for cancer (which will be patented, of course), and scaring women into toxic treatments by using strategic scare tactics like telling women they only have six months to live if they don't submit to chemotherapy.


Um, excuse me...but...WTF is wrong with the "woo woo baking soda cures cancer" people? I work at a major cancer research center--not for profit--and let me tell you, it's pure (mod edit: profanity). Show me ONE clinical study that SHOWS ONE genuine cure coming out of any of the woo-woo (mod edit: profanity) and I'll shut up. Not only that, the people who run the center I work at will be DELIGHTED to know that there is a cure for "cancer" (shows ignorance right there, there is no one disease that is "cancer") and we'll shut down all of our branches and go home because...apparently, baking soda and Vitamin D just cure everything. Yah.

And to the guys who are whining "what about teh menz"--well, the cure for testicular cancer is cutting em off. Same for penile cancer. Moving right along...


@threemoons: If any main stream organization or doctor tries to use baking soda they will lose their job, and be thrown in jail, by the corrupt FDA

Cancer is Fungus 2 of 2

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

Sodium Bicarbonate and Cancer Treatment - Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD


the cancer industry is a 60 billion dollar a year industry

the cancer prevention and early detection industry is a 162 Billion a year industry

It always comes back to the money. Its all about the money.

The pharma industry owns the medical industry

Anything the pharma industry cant patent will never be allowed to be "main stream"

Medical doctors are good people, but they are handcuffed by the corrupt medical system


@javaguy147: There is a blue ribbon, you just won't really see it anywhere, except on a few guys who actually care that other men might survive.

Matter of fact, you won't even hear about Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September, named so by GW.. one of the few good things he did). You just won't hear about it because, like Christmas, it is all just one big wrap up for breast cancer awareness fundraising.
My Grandmother had breast cancer when she was young (25 or so), at the age of 98 when she died, it didn't effect her. However, another gentleman I know found he had prostate cancer at the around 50 years old, he died shortly after. Guess which is more important to me? The billion dollar industry, or the one that -doesn't- have government funding? ^_^ Find a blue ribbon, support the un-funded industry that kills so many men a year. :( And if you just don't care that men are dying and want to focus on women - Brain cancer kills more than every other, but also is ignored.