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If a site expects me to "sign in" just to see what they're selling - I just close the tab and move on. Not even worth looking. You don't want customers? Fine, I won't bother you....


I got a pair of Doc Martens for Christmas many years ago. My first thought after opening the box was the old Jr. High joke/putdown "Your mama wears combat boots."

I was told to just try/wear them; after a while "you'll love them."

After the first day, my feet hurt. After the first week, my feet hurt. Somewhere about day 10 or so I threw them in the trash.

I tried, I really, really tried. But, I couldn't make mama's combat boots work for me.


@greginnj: Totally agree with you. The moment I need to sign in just to look at your prices is when I go somewhere else. It reminds me years ago of radio shack. I never shopped there because they required a phone number to make a purchase.


Why not just sell these for the same price through Amazon?


Shoes (Boots especially) are extremely difficult to size since every company tends to run bigger/smaller/narrower than what is on the label. Though this is a great deal on a great boot, I have serious reservations towards ordering any footware online without first trying them on.


@greginnj: Do you shop at Amazon? You just need to use your Amazon account, you are not giving away anything that they don't already know.

You won't find Dr. Martens on sale at this kind of discount anywhere else. That's why Flash Sale is useful for brands with reputation. It's not searchable or crawlable by search engines, and this way they won't dilute their perceived value and price.

I totally understand why some people might not like this idea, though. But I do, and find it completely reasonable for them to do so. And judging from the response to this post, it looks like many other Deals.Wooters think so, too.


@conanthelibrarian: NO they didn't, not if your name was "Cash". They never asked me once I started that.


@conanthelibrarian: They never did, not even when you pay with a credit card. Just say they don't need that and they would have just rung you up. I have never had that issue at Radio Shack.


5 minutes to figure out that they did not have my size. Poor UI