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To save someone else the five seconds it took me to find this out, "Expandable up to 4 Cameras (2 cameras included)."

Another interesting fact:

"PC Software Included – (XP & VISTA) Upgrade available for Windows 7"


I picked up one of these sets during the last Wootoff. The picture isn't bad and the night vision works well. Currently using them to monitor my property and watch my pets when I'm not in the room with them. :)


I have purchased these twice from Woot and now have 4 cameras and 2 receivers (only need 1 so I have a spare) and I love them... obviously or I wouldn't have purchase the additional set to complete the max allowed cameras.

They are very good, video is good and the sound is very good. Night vision is good too. I recommend them for anyone who want to see the videos from the receiver. I wouldn't recommend if you are wanting to record the action as the software (last time I loaded it on my computer) doesn't record sound and I think there was a limitation of only 1 camera recorded (don't quote me on that though).

Overall very good for live surveillance (ie baby monitor, to view other rooms while you are not there), recorded surveillance not so good - software is limited. This is a great price too!


Question i also got one back on the last wootoff. so if i get another i will have 4 cams and 2 receivers..does this mean i can see all 4 cams on both receivers at the same time?


@acorona4ever: Unfortunately, cams can only be paired to one receiver at a time. But I own these cameras and they work very well.


Wish the receiver could record to an SD - would make it a great portable recording surveillance system. I'd be in for that.


Good cameras for general monitoring. They also make great baby/child monitors!

I swear they've been cheaper before though.

I don't know about the 10 hours battery life claim though. I don't think any of the monitors I have ever last past 6 hours.

Of the four monitors I have, one of them doesn't hold a charge at all anymore. That is after a couple of years of continued use though.



I usually don't log into woot to comment, but I have to speak up on this one. I bought this on the last wootoff looking for a security system.

A few things you need to be aware of:
1) the little monitor is a receiver so if you want to record video/motion capture, this needs to be plugged into your PC/laptop with software all the time.

2) The sound is one-way meaning, camera will record sound to PC/Laptop or play sound to monitor, but not the other way ( which is fine in many cases)

3) Last, but MOST IMPORTANT. On the software, you CANNOT record/capture video/motion detection to PC/Laptop on more than one camera. Example, if you leave for the store at 1PM-2PM and want your entire house recording movement, only one camera can record during 1 hour period. So that means, only part of your house is monitored during your absence.


@txag98: I think the cheaper price was with 1 camera and 1 monitor.I too agree these are awesome baby monitors. That is my primary use.


@archerman2000: Ah I believe you are correct. Good catch.