dealsbarnes noble nook hd tablet 16gb for $89.99…


I believe this is the 7 inch size. Barnes and Noble had the 9 Inch on sale for $99 last Christmas. It's a great tablet. Now has Goodle Play.


@kggoodman: Correct. Nook HD is 7". The Nook HD+ is larger....hence the '+' in the name :)


This is a good price, Groupon has it for $10 more. I bought a refurb last year and it has been rock solid, looked new to boot (get it? to boot), I crack myself up.


Great tablet, and really easy to root. No problems since I bought mine.


My best friend got her kids two of these last Xmas and I got my kids a Galaxy tab 3. She payed $50 less for a tablet that has a much better screen and twice the memory. After seeing how well they perform and how well they have held up to being used by her kids, I regret not having gotten those. The only thing they lack is a camera. My kids use their cameras occasionally to skype grandma and do some videos with special effects. But just the difference in storage makes the Nook a much better choice.


Agreed very nice tablet, very nice to hold. I added an N2A Android KitKat card to make it full android, and it's pretty cool but with Google Play it really didn't add a whole lot, except now I can store more stuff on the SD card


The price is now at $109.99. I must have been too late to get the deal.