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Nice collection. Was totally worth the $30 or $40 I paid. It includes Silent Movie too, which a seriously underrated comedy. It doesn't include The Producers.

The transfers are pretty good, but sometimes the original stereo is better than the 5.1 conversion.

Here is a link to the reviews.


I think I paid $50 for this a year or two ago and it was well worth the price.


Hail, Skroob!

Great collection, well worth the $30.


This is the lowest price it has been on Amazon by far. Any fan of Mel Brooks would be doing themselves a disservice by passing this up. It comes out to $3.22 per blu-ray!


Aw man!! Was super excited for a night of Men in Tights but they're BLU-RAY!
aaaarrrghhbllaaaa :(


@frizzrox04: You can get the set in DVD for $14 more here:

Not sure what your issue is with Blu-Ray though. I would have preferred if HD-DVD became the prevailing standard myself.. But that's old news now.. You can find basic Blu-Ray players for under $50 nowadays. And take $14 off that for what you'll save on this collection.

Then wait 5-10 years or so for the a new video format to roll out and become the next de facto standard and then slowly migrate to that.


Shame they have released one that includes The Producers and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I'll keep holding out for the impossible dream.


It says movies & tv, but it doesn't include Get Smart.


I was going to get this until I realized the Aspect Ratio is 1.33:1, i.e. Full Screen. Full screen on Blu-Ray, no way. The widescreen version is available at but "not-on-sale".


Does anybody know when this deal is going to end? I really(really really) want to buy it but don't get paid till thursday.