dealsroundtrip flights around the u.s. from $72


To get the deal you have you fly on the sweet new boeing 787 aka "Dreamliner"


I don't see how this is a "deal", then, if the site isn't actually selling anything. Thus, it gets my downvote. Just the same as if someone posted a link to a site that sends you to another site to see and purchase the deal.

Maybe I'll submit a deal for on how you can buy thermo Wear Insulated i-Touch finger gloves for only $3 + free shipping + Tons of great other deals.

And see how long it would take before it's removed.


I love the auto-hate simply because EVERY flight isn't $72 from EVERY city. It's a deal aggregator people. Always has been. Both times I've been to Ireland (from San Diego) it was because of deals that Travelzoo sent me. And it saved me a TON of cash. Love the weekly email. 99 times out of a 100 the stuff won't apply to you. But when it's golden. I will also send stuff to friends who live in different cities that might apply.


@colbytitus: This site tries to provide fare prediction. Kinda cool/helpful:

Look for the "fare history"


@colbytitus: Try , Always good deals around 1000$ for week long all inclusive (including RT flight).


@jazzsinger: I'd like to know where you shop for deals then because I have never seen Columbus to Miami for less than $200 and I have been looking for that for over a year now.
TravelZoo is an advertiser for travel companies. I've been a member for years and have gotten some very good deals such as a 2 week European cruise on Norwegian's best ship at the time for $700.
They send you an email once a week with a list of 20 top deals.
I saw one a few months back for Cincinnati to Jamaica with 7 nights all-inclusive beach-front resort for $600. With fees, taxes etc it came to around $800 including RT non-stop flight, alcohol, food and entertainment.
There are good deals that they will notify you of that you likely wouldn't know about.


@dandeman321: It's like a travel deal aggregator.
When you 'sign up' they send an email a week.


This just links to other travel discount sites, there are no deals here. I'm actually seeing flights cost more than $500 a person for a trip I am planning.


What is this? Does it just link to other sites? like hotwire??


@capguncowboy Thank you for doing all that research and showing, in my opinion, that this is not a deal. Those prices look pretty normal to me, at least the ones where I have an idea of what they should be.


Washington, D.C.-Atlanta ... $159
Boston-Denver ... $178
Boston-Chicago ... $182
Washington, D.C.-Minneapolis ... $202
Boston-Las Vegas ... $215
New York-Houston ... $218
Philadelphia-Seattle ... $236
New York-San Francisco ... $238
Washington, D.C.-San Francisco ... $283
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the Southeast & Florida (incl. tax):
Charlotte-New York ... $137
Charleston-Washington, D.C. ... $157
Atlanta-Washington, D.C. ... $159
Tampa-New York ... $160
Fort Lauderdale-Denver ... $168
Orlando-Boston ... $174
Miami-Boston ... $189
West Palm Beach-Chicago ... $204
New Orleans-Chicago ... $210
Fort Lauderdale-Las Vegas ... $234
Miami-San Francisco ... $242
Atlanta-Seattle ... $296


Here are some sample flights from the site:

Los Angeles-Las Vegas ... $72
Phoenix-Denver ... $115
Las Vegas-Seattle ... $167
San Diego-Denver ... $180
Denver-Atlanta ... $198
Los Angeles-Fort Lauderdale ... $228
Salt Lake City-Chicago ... $233
San Diego-Boston ... $235
San Francisco-Chicago ... $238
Seattle-Chicago ... $252
Los Angeles-New York ... $258
San Francisco-Washington, D.C. ... $258
San Francisco-Atlanta ... $262
Portland-New York ... $310
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the Midwest & Texas (incl. tax):
Minneapolis-Chicago ... $72
Chicago-Denver ... $88
Chicago-New York ... $108
Dallas-Washington, D.C. ... $128
Detroit-Washington, D.C. ... $140
St. Louis-Atlanta ... $160
Cleveland-Washington, D.C. ... $164
Chicago-Boston ... $184
Columbus-Miami ... $187
Minneapolis-Las Vegas ... $208
Houston-New York ... $217
Dallas-Seattle ... $218
Milwaukee-San Francisco ... $249
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the East (incl. tax):
New York-Chicago ... $108
Pittsburgh-Chicago ... $138