dealsroundtrip flights around the u.s. from $72


Here are some sample flights from the site:

Los Angeles-Las Vegas ... $72
Phoenix-Denver ... $115
Las Vegas-Seattle ... $167
San Diego-Denver ... $180
Denver-Atlanta ... $198
Los Angeles-Fort Lauderdale ... $228
Salt Lake City-Chicago ... $233
San Diego-Boston ... $235
San Francisco-Chicago ... $238
Seattle-Chicago ... $252
Los Angeles-New York ... $258
San Francisco-Washington, D.C. ... $258
San Francisco-Atlanta ... $262
Portland-New York ... $310
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the Midwest & Texas (incl. tax):
Minneapolis-Chicago ... $72
Chicago-Denver ... $88
Chicago-New York ... $108
Dallas-Washington, D.C. ... $128
Detroit-Washington, D.C. ... $140
St. Louis-Atlanta ... $160
Cleveland-Washington, D.C. ... $164
Chicago-Boston ... $184
Columbus-Miami ... $187
Minneapolis-Las Vegas ... $208
Houston-New York ... $217
Dallas-Seattle ... $218
Milwaukee-San Francisco ... $249
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the East (incl. tax):
New York-Chicago ... $108
Pittsburgh-Chicago ... $138


Washington, D.C.-Atlanta ... $159
Boston-Denver ... $178
Boston-Chicago ... $182
Washington, D.C.-Minneapolis ... $202
Boston-Las Vegas ... $215
New York-Houston ... $218
Philadelphia-Seattle ... $236
New York-San Francisco ... $238
Washington, D.C.-San Francisco ... $283
Sample Roundtrip Fares from the Southeast & Florida (incl. tax):
Charlotte-New York ... $137
Charleston-Washington, D.C. ... $157
Atlanta-Washington, D.C. ... $159
Tampa-New York ... $160
Fort Lauderdale-Denver ... $168
Orlando-Boston ... $174
Miami-Boston ... $189
West Palm Beach-Chicago ... $204
New Orleans-Chicago ... $210
Fort Lauderdale-Las Vegas ... $234
Miami-San Francisco ... $242
Atlanta-Seattle ... $296


@capguncowboy Thank you for doing all that research and showing, in my opinion, that this is not a deal. Those prices look pretty normal to me, at least the ones where I have an idea of what they should be.


What is this? Does it just link to other sites? like hotwire??


This just links to other travel discount sites, there are no deals here. I'm actually seeing flights cost more than $500 a person for a trip I am planning.


@dandeman321: It's like a travel deal aggregator.
When you 'sign up' they send an email a week.


@jazzsinger: I'd like to know where you shop for deals then because I have never seen Columbus to Miami for less than $200 and I have been looking for that for over a year now.
TravelZoo is an advertiser for travel companies. I've been a member for years and have gotten some very good deals such as a 2 week European cruise on Norwegian's best ship at the time for $700.
They send you an email once a week with a list of 20 top deals.
I saw one a few months back for Cincinnati to Jamaica with 7 nights all-inclusive beach-front resort for $600. With fees, taxes etc it came to around $800 including RT non-stop flight, alcohol, food and entertainment.
There are good deals that they will notify you of that you likely wouldn't know about.


@colbytitus: Try , Always good deals around 1000$ for week long all inclusive (including RT flight).


@colbytitus: This site tries to provide fare prediction. Kinda cool/helpful:

Look for the "fare history"


I love the auto-hate simply because EVERY flight isn't $72 from EVERY city. It's a deal aggregator people. Always has been. Both times I've been to Ireland (from San Diego) it was because of deals that Travelzoo sent me. And it saved me a TON of cash. Love the weekly email. 99 times out of a 100 the stuff won't apply to you. But when it's golden. I will also send stuff to friends who live in different cities that might apply.


I don't see how this is a "deal", then, if the site isn't actually selling anything. Thus, it gets my downvote. Just the same as if someone posted a link to a site that sends you to another site to see and purchase the deal.

Maybe I'll submit a deal for on how you can buy thermo Wear Insulated i-Touch finger gloves for only $3 + free shipping + Tons of great other deals.

And see how long it would take before it's removed.


To get the deal you have you fly on the sweet new boeing 787 aka "Dreamliner"