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Boston, MA


That's right, because of what happened in Boston, no one should ever cook with a pressure cooker again. We should let bad people dictate our lives, and keep whittling away at them until all we do is remain in our homes & eat canned food. Sounds awesome. You first.


@hartmanmf: I recommend using more spice in your cooking if your food has very poor taste. It is also possible you are doing it wrong - the cooker should make edible things but is not itself edible.


Note that this is "factory recertified" Meaning it's been used and returned. No reconditioning has been done to it. Dailysteals is known for sending out defective items and not giving refunds. They are reviewed at 1.9 out of 10.


@wootl00t: Register pressure cookers not guns.


Since somebody else already started this crap... BAN ASSAULT PRESSURE COOKERS! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Okay. I'm done.


@whymegawd: I wasn't DailySteals's biggest fan, but the hired a new customer service team, and the made my issue right (and gave me a big free coupon in the bargain.) I've ordered five things since that time and haven't had a problem yet. Maybe they are working to fix those problems.

On the other hand... a used food prep device is not for me!


In the wake of the deadly Boston bombings, I haven't heard one reasonable person suggest restricting pressure cookers, or backpacks, nails etc. Shame on anyone insensetively trying to rage here against such a ridiculous strawman.


@btingalls: ... but if pressure cookers are outlawed, then only outlaws will have pressure cookers!


@tcayer: The new customer service team that quit responding and resolving the complaints on ResellerRatings, (which seemed to be the only way to reach them about the defective items they send out)? Oh yeah, that'll definitely solve the problem.......(sarcasm not towards you, but to dailysteal's way of dealing with things) They really shouldn't be in business.


Aanyone care to explain the benefit of pressure cookers vs. traditional pot?


@populuxe: A pressure vessel raises the boiling point of water, meaning you can achieve higher temperatures, faster cooking, etc.


@mtw1057: It's no more ridiculous than existing bans and restrictions on magazines, light bulbs, toilet tanks, pseudoephedrine, etc.


"New customer service team" or not I would not buy anything again from Dailysteals. The poor treatment of customers like me(multi times) and many others was not due to some clown(s) in customer service because I'm sure they were just following company policy.


Daily Steals isn't a bad website. I've been a good customer. But after today, I've got to doubt their common sense. Do you believe this -- their two deals TODAY are a BACKPACK and a PRESSURE COOKER. Man, if that isn't the stupidest thing I've ever seen a company do . . . . how tacky.


@davejensen: To be fair the first deal at is a teeth whitening kit. They also have some charging kit for Apple devices and a luggage set. The pressure cooker / backpack combination may well have been a pre-scheduled combination that nobody thought to double check for.


I just noticed that my original description is no longer up for this item. Apparently an editor felt it did not contain enough marketing?


@hartmanmf: I'm with you Hartman... I was thinking about getting one a couple months ago; after the tragedy it just freaks me out too much. Just pretty gross & way too soon for me.


@davejensen: WTF??? That's too awful to be overseen. Or capitalism is as sick as can possibly be. Like: "Hey! Stock up with us, psychos!!! We're also offering luggage deals as well today if the backpack isn't big enough!" Which they are offering... :(


I own one and use it to death. As a matter of fact, It still had the factory warranty. Something went wrong with a sensor and Cuisinart sent me a brand new one. They do stand behind their products. Purchased one as a Christmas present through Amazon because this thing is THAT good.

What is it good for? - Well, when you come home from work and schlepping kids all over the place, maybe a sandwich will just not cut it. How about a tender, delicious beef stew loaded with carrots and potatoes. The meat is frozen solid, now what?

Throw the meat in the pot with seasonings and liquid. Let it reach pressure and release by itself and 20 mn later you have mouth watering beef. Add another 10 minutes after you add potatoes and carrots and you are ready to eat.


@freelance: I'm with you, freelance. I have a 5 qt. electric pressure cooker purchased from that 3 letter TV mass marketer and we use it almost every day. Brown rice ready in 25 minutes, potatoes done in 10, meats come out tender and juicy... what's not to like? The electric p/c's are like the old "set it and forget it" line... only we're talking minutes instead of hours!
Edit: Darn... apparently this deal is done... went to the website and couldn't find it. :-(


I own many Cuisinart products. Their customer service is some of the best I have seen, ever.


This one took a while to gain momentum and make the front page; I'm surprised it had only 8 downvotes. Nonetheless, it was yesterday's deal and hence expired.


When I saw it, I thought it was "da bomb"