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The home edition of AVAST software is always free. You just need to register once a year after your initial 30 day trial. Only buisnesses need to buy it.


That is true, but about 6 months ago the free edition stopped scanning for script viruses, which are the most common types of viruses. I used to give all my customers free copies of Avast! but since the change I have been trying to get them to buy the pro product because it does protect much better.

The Free version is still good, in fact it still wins awards, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Don't be stupid. There is NO reason to pay for personal antivirus. Try Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free as long as you have a valid copy of Windows, updates automatically, and is the best user-friendly antivirus out there. It's known to be great at detecting rootkits too, which is rare.


@texanfromin: So I should trust an antivirus product from the company that leaves the holes for viruses to get in through? You do realize that M$ is the company that brought you Internet Explorer right?