dealsmotion sensor touchless 13-gallon trash can for…


Good deal. I have had mine for a few years and it has been amazingly reliable. I thought it wouldn't last long when I first bought it.


We have this and I think it is amazingly disappointing. =( It requires 4 D batteries, which in my experience don't last as long as they should. So we ended up just prying it open with our fingers which is hard to do considering how small the "handle" is on the top of the lid. idk maybe I just don't like the idea of ginormous batteries. If it were AA's it might be a different story.


@c45513: ours the gear inside broke leaving the lid stuck in the up position just "clicking." Went through two of these in less than a year.


I've had this same trash can for about 5 years now. With 4 kids in the house generating lots of trash, it's been very reliable. I had to replace the batteries about once a year. I do all the cooking and am paranoid about cross contamination. I really like that I don't have to touch the trash can to throw away something like raw meat trimmings.


@c45513: Too bad you are disappointed! Ours has been GREAT. We are going on 4 years with the original 4 Energizer D batteries. Perhaps you just had a bad batch of batteries. Try the Energizer silver and black, top shelf batteries and keep the sensors clean and gunk from around on/off switch. I hope that helps. I'm fixing to buy at least 2 more!


@c45513 If D-cell batteries bug you, just get some adapters to use AA's in place of D's. Most modern day AA rechargeables will outperform all but the most expensive D cell rechargeables.

I've bought adapters that let you use 2xAA's in place of 1xD battery on eBay at the cost of about $4 for 8 adapters, shipped. (I also have some other adapters that let you go 4xAA->1D, which are just plain AWESOME, but these were a flea market purchase, and I can't find these anywhere online).


@c45513: Lol really? Why doesn't this just plug in? How often are you pacing back and forth in your house wondering why your garbage can isnt more portable?


Had this or a year. The lid stopped going up all the way everytime. Sometimes it only goes up about an inch, sometimes (rarely) it will go up all the way. Mostly it goes up about halfway. Tried new batteries, no change.