dealssave 50% on portal bundle on steam (versions 1…


Sweet deal. I remember paying $20 like less than six months ago.. and still haven't played it yet.


I paid 50 for this and it was worth it.


This is why I won't purchase videogames soon after release. I picked up portal 1 about a year ago on steam when it was totally free. This is worth it for portal 2 alone.


Sweet deal. I already owned both games but bought this for an employee who doesn't.


I paid full price for Portal 2 when it was released. In my head I knew if I waited long enough it would be dirt cheap, but in my heart I wanted to play it RIGHT AWAY. I don't regret it.

Anyone who doesn't have these should jump on them at this price. They run on reasonably basic hardware, too, although Portal 2 requires pixel shading, so make sure your video card supports it.


I'll second the sentiments already stated:

a) I already have too many Steam games backlogged, but this is absolutely worth it.

b) I bought this new (for Xbox) at full price, and totally, completely, sincerely worth it. This is an essential game.

Seriously, buy it.


Thanks! Just bought it.

great price for two great games. definitely worth it.


If everybody waited for a games price to come down then what would be the incentive for the developers to make a sequel to any game.

I wait for some games to come down in price just like everybody else but if it is a quality game and you want more of the series to be made lay down the $50-$60 on release day. Who knows, maybe the sequel they make will be your favorite game.