dealsbowflex ez pro heart rate monitor watch for $12…


Not a bad deal, thought the MSRP is way over the top.
Even if you were to miss this specific deal, Ebay has these pretty consistently for under $20 and some BIN for $14 as well.


Free shipping if you're a rewards member


I'm not a Staples rewards member and I was able to order one shipped free to me. I did have to pay Nebraska tax (.91). Thanks for sharing this great deal!


Perfect timing! (pun intended) my wife just mentioned wanting to get a heart rate monitor. The link brings you to the white model but there are other colors available for this great price! Thanks for sharing!


"Wow!!" as in "Wow!! This HRM watch was regularly $130?!"

There's no chest strap or working tracking features. What gives? Blatant & arbitrary MSRP markup?


All colors out of stock, even the ugly ones.