deals27 led portable worklight/flashlight for $3.49


I've got one of these hanging under the bed cover that I have on my truck. Great little light. Well worth the $4 you pay for it.


Better buy half dozen cause most of their stuff doesn't last long


i bought one of these at 7-11. It's good to just throw on the fridge and then grab when you need it.


Someone cleaned up the comments and fixed the link. Looks like woot is back making money on click-throughs.


Have had very good luck with this worklight. The included batteries don't last very long but once replacements are in, works great!


We've got dozens of these lights around the house. They work great and are cheap. When they go on sale we stock up on them and give them as gifts for kids. My son and his friends (4-5 year olds) love these things.


We have 5-6 of these around the house, the magnet back and folding hang hook are nice. I picked up a few more of these 2-3 weeks ago and they were $2.90 each in the store.


I have 4 of these. 1 in the trunk of each vehicle, and one in the garage stuck to the fuse box. They were irreplaceable this weekend when the power went out. They are bright enough to light a small room enough to make them usable.


I've got several myself. One is on a shelf right outside the garage door, so if the power is out, you still have a light.
One on the breaker panel, one on the side of each roll around toolbox, one on the garage fridge, etc.
It's such a great deal, and I always go pick up a couple more when they go on sale. Like now.


Wow, I initially read this as 27 portable flashlights for $3.49. I need to go back to sleep.


These are great we have one on the fridge door, in the garage and in the closet. works great and super bright