dealssmartykat - beauty channel groom tunnel for $7.99


This might be okay for a white cat, but otherwise it's a terrible idea.


I'm not sure I agree, unless I'm missing something. I see the point about the interior of the tunnel being white so that the hair itself would stand out like a sore thumb the first time they went through it, (assuming my retarded cats could be coaxed into going through at all), but I can always clean it with a lint roller or shop vac, and it's still better than having the hair on the comforter, couch, or my pants, right?


@kevinrichardcramer: Well this thing isn't going to collect every single hair that your cat sheds, so you shouldn't expect it to be such that if you get this then this is where 100% of your cat's hair will be henceforth. Your cats hair will still be all over the place. The offset provided by this thing will be extremely minimal at best.

That being said, you end up with a miniature tunnel filled with cat hair and you clean the cat hair out of it once or twice until you realize that it really is quite pointless at which point you either toss it in the trash outright, give it away to someone else, or if you're of the hoarding persuasion, you add it to an ever growing pile of things you do not use and never will use.


I see this making a better bed than groomer. My kitty likes tunnels. That being said not a bad price for a cat bed. :)