dealsmotorola bluetooth mouse for $0.00 + $4.99…


The same one that Woot offered a few weeks ago, also the same price.


It's the same mouse, but not the same price... price for woot was $4.99 + $5.00 Shipping... so $9.99 for 1, $14.98 for 2, 19.97 for 3 (or about $6.57 each).

Here is woot's past offer:

Thanks for pointing it out though, you got a good memory. :)


Please be advised that some are having trouble with this product. I purchased 3 units from that Woot! sale. I want to connect them to WinNT6.0, PS3, and webOS hosts. I am still unable to connect to the PS3 and webOS hosts. The forum for that sale is at

It is recommended that one at least quickly glance through the posts to see if one actually wants this model.


I bought one that arrived non functional and spent several frustrating hours with Motorola customer service in order to get it replaced. It wasn't worth the effort but I refuse to roll over like the cooperates count on most customers to. I don't blame Woot but the bottom line is that their business model is essentially the same as the big players. No customer service is more profitable
than most customers ever realize.


Bought two from woot when they had them. They work flawlessly. My only complaint is if you are a heavy PC user like me, the batteries do not last long (about 2 weeks), so invest in some nice sanyo rechargeables to fix that issue.


I got one last time as well, and works perfectly with my MacBook Pro. Also worked well with my TouchPad running CM9 -- seeing a mouse pointer on an Android tablet kinda blew my mind. Just seemed freaky.



Besides the usual BT connectivity steps, did you have to do anything else with this model to ensure the connection succeeded with the Android OS host? Any help would be appreciated.

I am attempting connection still to my HP TP. The difference between your and my TPs is that I want to keep this unit running webOS.


@bartsimpson: Not sure I can help. I still have webOS on my TP, but have not booted to it in months. Android (Gingerbread) has BT mouse support built in. I have no idea if the same is true for webOS.