dealsmitsubishi cinema wd92840 92" 3d dlp hdtv 1080p…


Will not even show price until you are at the final stage of checkout, meaning you have to create a login and sign in. I don't feel like giving out my email address to a stupid company just to see a price.

No thanks,

I'll pass.


@trdoc: Agreed on the hassle, but the price is already listed here, isn't it?


I was thinking of painting my wall, but now I can just buy this TV to cover the wall.

Seriously, though, it seems like the picture would look pretty poor on this TV unless you are sitting 15 feet away. But I guess that's the point...


Coming from the projector crowd - 1080p still looks great on an obnoxiously large screen (~120" here), but the dealbreaker imo with a 92" TV - it'll become the largest and most awkward object in your house. It'd better be permanent.


Coming from someone who was staring into this very TV just hours ago. The thing really is incredible. The picture is amazing, bright, colorful and crisp. And this is one hell of a deal. seriously considering