deals25% off dr. martens official usa store


Beware: These aren't the same docs from 20 years ago. They moved most of their production from the UK to China and Vietnam. Last pair I bought a few years ago lasted 6 months before the soles came completely off the bottom.

Some of their shoes are still made in UK so read carefully before ordering. They have a made in UK section at (men) and (women)


still haven't worn out my first pair from 7 years ago.


@mcullers: I actually hate to agree, but my last pair had the same sort of problems. The boots were really comfy right up until they fell apart, though.


Heads up: this coupon does not work with the "For Life" series of boots. What a bummer.


This coupon DID work for the clearance though!! Woo hoo!! Two pair of DocMartens for $86 shipped!!


One more item off my shopping list. Yeah coupons! I was going to by full price yesterday but got busy.