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These don't really deserve to be called Craftsman. They are made in China, and don't get the Craftsman no-questions-asked-bring-it-in-whenever-wherever-whyever warranty.

That said, if you just need cheap tools for light duty homeowner work they aren't terrible in comparison to anything else made in China.


The warranty for Evolv hand tools is a follows:

8. - Evolv Hand Tools

FOR AS LONG AS IT IS USED from the date of purchase, this Craftsman Evolv hand tool is warranted against defects in material and workmanship. With proof of purchase, a defective product will be replaced free of charge. This warranty does not cover expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.

To obtain warranty coverage, return the product to the retailer from which it was purchased for free repair or replacement if repair is unavailable.

Sounds like the normal craftsman warranty to me...


No the Craftsman warranty used to be no matter what happened to the tool they would replace it without question or proof of purchase (because it said Craftsman on it).


EL CHEAP O. They are lower than hobby level junk. Fuggedaboudit and buy some real tools. Invest rather than dispose of your money.


@stevenmg: Precisely. With craftsman it matters not what you did to it or if you can provide proof of purchase. Use your giant screwdriver as a prybar? No problem. Use your ratchet as an improvised hammer? No problem. Break your sockets in an air impact gun? No problem.


Those of us with serious tools would consider these disposable. But what else do you expect for $30?Some people don't need more than these -- inexpensive tools for home or light DIY work.


I have a smaller set of these tools that I got from the Sears outlet store for about $12. I have had them for 4-5 years and keep them in my car. I use them several times a month and haven't had a problem with them. Are they good enough for a professional to use everyday - I doubt it. But they are good enough for DIY car and home stuff.


The current Craftsman policy is exactly what this policy says. Yes, that means ALL craftsman tools require proof of purchase and have restrictions on the warranty. It USED to be different, but that was then, this is now. All Craftsman brands carry this same warranty now. Way of the world these days. Cost cutting, greed driven corp world.


Ahem. Evolv isn't Craftsman, it's NOT the same level of tool, it doesn't have the same warranty. No surprise there. Neither do Companion tools.
But do quote the Craftsman hand tool warranty correctly:
"If this Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. "
No receipt, no time limit, no 'only 3 pieces per day' BS. Now, specific hand tools have expendable parts, and they're not covered, but the tool itself has the same warranty as always.


It shows as $49.99 on the K-Mart website. Is there a special promo code?


Deal expired? Fifty is a bit much IMO for this set.

The other day some of us were talking about Craftsman on another deal. There's a lot of misinformation being spread, thanks to stupid store workers. Craftsman Evolv is just that, cheaper Craftsman tools that are pretty good for homeowners, but no mechanic would trust them. Save the receipt, and you can still get free replacements.

@jditto: the regular Craftsman line still does not require a receipt. A lot of stores are trying to weasel out of the warranty, but hold them to it. Ask for the manager, escalate to corporate. If it's a regular Craftsman tool, don't let them stick you with an Evolv or other lesser replacement. My dad took back his old Craftsman hammer whose wooden handle split. He noticed when he got home that it was a normal Sears hammer. Back he went. They apologized and gave him a Craftsman hammer, which was clearly a better tool. I think they did it on purpose the first time and got caught.