dealsosama bin laden is dead, thank you chuck norris…


Why even make this? We all know that Ask A Ninja did it.


Yeah... we all know that Keefer Sutherland is the one who's really responsible for this one!

Why do you think they canceled 24 last year?? He needed a few months to plan this one and finish up rehab before starting the movie ;)


I weep for those who are stupid enough to buy this. Chuck Norris, or "Carlos Ray" hasn't done much for years. His show ended, like, 10 years ago. Please, please stop.

/also brb someone is at my door. Oh, no. It can't be. How'd he get here so fast!


Your search "osama bin laden is dead thank you chuck norris" did not match any products. "Deal" is dead.


GEe. Thought it was Lindsay Lohan who did this. Hello I'm "lindsay Lohan". &&&^kaboommmmmmmm*&&^&%^


Chuck Norris drives Jack Bauer's limo.


Chuck Norris Jokes? Apparently Osama was killed in 2006.


As much as I enjoy a good Chuck Norris joke, my appreciation for the military is greater. This almost seems insulting to those that carried out the operation. I know its a joke, but I work side by side with those guys everyday and wouldn't want to take anything away from them...



Whole heartedly agreed. Remember when internet humor was actually funny?


Chuck Norris couldn't carry Bruce Lee's jock.