dealshanes ladies sleeveless tank tops white/black…


Aren't all tanktops, sleeveless? Just a thought


I'd like to know if these are long, or if they rise up if you bend over/ raise arms - if anyone knows. I like 'em long!


@madrone: it doesn't say so assume standard "rise-up when you bend over" fit. The order page does say that these run small so order 1 size up


Great deal - in for one. Thanks!!


@rantng: exactly my thought....pretty sure that a sleeved tank top would be an oxymoron...


You know thanks to Iowa, Vermont and some other forward thinking states women can now officially have wifebeaters, too.


@madrone: Hi, I'm Brittany with VMInnovations, and I tried on the tank tops. I'm about 5'11, and the large fit me great (I normally wear a medium). It was just a little bit longer than my belt, so I could have tucked it in or worn it longer under another shirt for that layering look. Hope that helps! :)


adding this .... got a shipment notice PDQ


I think these would've had more upvotes / sales if the models were at least B cups.

Just sayin'


I thought about buying, then when I click on the $9.95 deal + free shipping...redirects me to their website and the price comes up as $19.99. NOT A DEAL, and a waste of my time.


@superhumanscott: Howdy Scott, sorry for the confusion but you will need to use the coupon listed above to show the deal price.

Coupons: WOOTS (for small) WOOTM (for medium), WOOTL (for large) and WOOTXL (for xtra-large) tops.

To use a coupon, after adding the item to your cart click on "Edit My Cart" then check the "Use a Promo Code" under Update Cart button.

Hope this helps.