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I have one of these and they are great to set up in tent or put on a table for some light. One funny feature is actually the box. It has pictures of the lamp photoshopped into various scenarios of people using them. Saved it just for that. I love meritline!


Have one of these,not bad but a lot of glare. Works better if it's hung above you rather on a desk or table. Used it during a power outage and for the money it's worth having.
Be sure to check the free shipping box so you don't have to pay $1.99 shipping


In for two. They have a 2-pack for $7.99, if you want more and can't use the code. I got two singles with the code for $7.49 + tax in Cali. I figure they will be good to through in the camping tote. I just have to remember to bring the batteries.


Perfect for hanging from a patio umbrella.


Use one of these when backpacking. Not nearly as bright as an actual lantern, but great to hang up in my tent.