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Price shows as 69.99 but at checkout, the shipping is free but a $10 handling charge is added. Still a good price though.


The Lodge stuff is excellent. I use mine almost daily. You can't go wrong. (re)discover the superiority of cast iron cookware. You'll likely never go back to anything else.

Well.... except for eggs, you can't beat a cheap teflon skillet for eggs.


@djpimpstick: I disagree. I use my cast iron for eggs all the time. Over easy, sunny side up, etc. Sure there's a little bit of elbow grease to clean up after scrambled eggs but I found that with the proper amount of oil and seasoning and it's not an issue. I'd rather do cast iron any day over the though of dealing with the chemicals in teflon.


@thewidup: Teflon is only a problem if you're using a metal flipper as that scrapes the teflon off. If you use plastic or silicone, it's not a problem. Besides, many of us grew up eating bits of teflon in our food and we're all OK. .-)

I prefer cast iron but it's too heavy for my wife to use comfortably.


@first2summit: Sure...that's true. It's not just metal's the forks, knives, tiny slices in the pan, people that put them in dishwashers and ruin them. Also...the hot spots on those thin pans over a gas them warp and melt as you warm them up. I prefer the consistent heat and durability of cast iron.

As for the weight, yeah, they're beastly...that's why Lodge invented seasoned cast steel. ;)



@thewidup: I agree, in fact I do not even use that much elbow grease. I got a brush from the dollar store and just add some water while the pan is still hot and scrub lightly. Than I just rinse, dry and oil. But that is what I've loved about cast iron, even burnt bacon grease just adds to it glory.


@first2summit: It's also a problem if it gets too hot. It can release up to 15 different toxic gases. One of which can kill pets such as birds, and another is thought to be a probable carcinogen for humans.


@3dgraphics: 4 dollars is a lot cheaper? Still cheaper is cheaper.