dealspny 128gb turbo usb 3.0 flash drive for $49.99…


Are these pretty reliable for a Virtual Machine? I'm not doing anything too heavy duty. Right now I run some VMs with a USB 3.0 Western Digital Passport. I'd like something a bit more portable.


Seems like a great deal!

Anyone have this PNY 128GB 3.O USB Flash and how do you like it?

I have the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.O USB Flash and it is like a SSD. Just amazing! Only a 32GB so wouldn't mind getting this larger size at this nice price.


You know how you're supposed to "eject" thumb drives in the task bar before pulling them out of the USB slot? I have a habit of forgetting to do that. It usually works out okay though. The only time it got corrupted was with a PNY drive. I don't know if they work slightly different or use different type of memory cells from my current 16gb Sandisk one or what. Would love to have 128gb, but that's a lot of data to lose for forgetting to properly eject, and my only bad experience was with PNY.


@taurine: That's kind of like saying that you have a habit of putting your car in neutral instead of park and your car rolls back into your garage door each time you do...then saying that it never dents your bumper or damages the garage door except this one time and the car your were in was a Chevy.

I mean, it is something that you know you are supposed to do to properly ensure a safe dismount of the drive, yet you blame/discredit the manufacturer?

Anyway, I actually just clicked this to chime in that this series of drives in the 128GB & 64GB flavors perform incredibly fast. I picked up 2 of each during Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals along with 3 other brands. The PNYs blew the others out of the water, speed-wise. Best USB 3.0 drives in this price-for-size range IMO.


Picked up one of these a few weeks ago at this price. Works great, super deal.


@id6klub: Yeah, no.

It's more like saying you have a habit of putting your car in Park, but forgetting to also set the parking brake, and this one time when your transmission failed the car rolled downhill.

I never, ever, ever click the little feel-good icon before removing. But then, I don't snatch it out 2.2 seconds after transferring 1.2GB to the drive, either.

As long as you don't rip it out mid-transfer (and the sound of the hard drive access motors usually tips you off to when a transfer is done), there's no need anymore.

It's like a mousepad: a once-important crutch for technology that has outgrown the need.


@id6klub: And, he didn't blame nor discredit the manufacturer. He simply pointed out that's the only product it's ever happened on, in case the make /was/ inferior (but it's far more likely due to removing it mid-write).


@joemarfice: It was a simple analogy, man... I could've gone the more intricate route, but kept it simple. And, yes, one can often use their educated judgement and pull a USB storage device without a software "safe to eject" but also run the risk of data corruption (albeit, a likely higher risk).

And, yes, when someone comes to specifically point out something in the nature that was written, it doesn't positively affirm the make and it hardly provides neutral's a knock. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I get that, but it's somewhat wreckless to drop blame on something that was, more likely than not (based on the chain of events), user error.

I'm not the forum post police, but just provided my 2 cents on the comment along with input on the specific product based on my 1st-hand experience. I'm sure others would like your feedback on this particular thumbdrive as well since you included none in either of your 2 posts...or just downvote posts again out of spite.



Just checked and it is SOLD OUT!!!


@fjp999: Just checked and Amazon has it at the same price!!! Free shipping and no tax. Coming from Tiger Direct. Got one.


Not dead, back in stock. Dido on ejecting drives before yanking them out. I work in IT and get users crying about how they lost or corrupted files. "Did you eject the drive?" I ask, "Why do I need to do that?". FACE PALM