dealsthe 26-pound edible gummy python: 36,720…


My arm feels sticky, just looking at that picture, and the price is way more than I would ever pay, but still I must up vote, because it is so funny!

Waiter, there's hair stuck to my dessert.


@pickypickypicky: When my son was 15 he ate an entire pound of gummi bears one afternoon, then spent part of the night in the ER with a semi-official diagnosis of gummi bear-itis.

I'm not sure I'd trust him with this gummy python, even though he's in his 40's now.


@magic cave: I have nieces and nephews who have the same addiction. They are all out on their own, some with their own families. But the "kids" still expect {and of course get} gummy bears. Not just any. We have a local candy store. They make them nice and fresh and extra gummy or something like that ;-)


That is the rarest Gummi of them all, the Gummi Python, carved by Gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of Gummi.


this guy is just showing off his biceps, sheesh


Are you supposed to swallow it whole, then you don't have to eat for a month?


a big hit for those "special" gals... chica chica bow wow


And it comes with free shipping!


$5.77/lb I think I'll hit up the dollar store, buy about 52 packs of gummy bears, melt them down and pour them into the mold I made out of soda cans and plastic bottles. :D


Imagine soaking that thing in vodka and eating it. You'd die of alcohol and sugar poisoning.


Throw in the cost of the dentist bill after eating one of these as gummy candy is pretty much the worst candy for your teeth, and the bill will be closer to five grand.


36,000 calories, but 0g of fat... So it's healthy.


I will purchase this for someone if they agree to attempt to eat it in one sitting. Anyone have that Man vs Food guy's phone number? :-D