dealsmichaels - 50% off printable coupon + more


They have an app now too, for iPhone and Android. You can access all the coupons from your phone, and you can use it over and over until it expires. I tried it last weekend, and the cashier scanned the bar code on my phone's screen.

Copied from their website: Text APP1 to CREATE (273283) to send a link to your phone.


For some reason every time I see a Michaels coupon I instantly think "Ooo a coupon to Marshalls! Wait a second.." and then I'm not quite as excited.


@ebbdeco Horray! Now I can stop clipping everyone's Michaels coupons from the their Sunday papers to help fund my daughter's art addiction.


I was going to download the app, but I didn't like this part of the permissions:

"add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge
Allows the app to send event invitations as the calendar owner and add, remove, change events that you can modify on your device, including those of friends or co-workers. Malicious apps may send spam emails that appear to come from calendar owners, modify events without the owners' knowledge, or add fake events."


@teixeirarosa: You read the fine print? I nearly sprain my wrist clicking the "I agree" check mark so fast everytime I sign up for something. I live life on the edge....