dealscorsair voyager gt 16gb usb 3.0 flash drive model…


Definitely a good price for 3.0. If you need a flash drive and your computer has a 3.0 port, buy it.


I'm not impressed with my 16gb USB 2 Voyager. Very slow transfer speeds. I'll stick with Lexar, Crucial and Kingston.


Sold out :( I was in need of one, too.


Drat, I would have taken one of these! I'll have to see what other sizes they have, I'm in need of a 3.0 thumb drive.

Edit: I take that back, I hate mail in rebates, I always forget to do those.


@katanaryda: This is a USB 3.0 drive, with read speeds faster than USB 2.0 high speed, and fast write speeds. I used the 8GB version on my laptop (actually, the slightly slower blue model) for awhile as a readboost drive; it was hard to pack in my bag, so I replaced it with a fast SDHC. Now, it has Ubuntu 11.10 on it, and I also use it for transporting/transferring files. It is quite fast. :-)
edit: reviews on the red drives seem to indicate a high failure rate. People with working drives are very happy, however.


I should say "USB 3.0 GT series" as they have some USB 2.0 drives in red.


They have apparently restocked and the rebate offer doesn't expire until 1/15/2012