deals"i'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse…


Can't beat this. 2 terrific movies along with a free coaster!


I am ~50-something, and I've never seen any of these films. So, I'll bite.


They were $19 on Amazon before Christmas with free shipping (Prime or no Prime). Furthermore, 1Saleaday has a terrible shipping system which can take up to 30+ days with a 22 Day LIMITED return policy from purchase date. If you really want to contact them, here is their phone number that they hide (but never seem to answer) 800-419-0100


This was also $19.99 at Best Buy sometime in December -- that's when I got it. That, in conjunction with reading all this stuff about 1saleaday's slow shipping and customer service would make me stay away from this. I got a Roku on the cheap from them with no issues, but I don't think there is any need to pay $5 more for this from a company of questionable trust.


@woody1: In all fairness it's 39 bucks from amazon right now and 29 bucks plus 3 dollars shipping from third party vendors. So what you paid for it a month isn't too relevant, that's like my grandfather telling me how he remembers giving the attendant 2 bucks at the service station and getting a fill up, oil and air checked, windshield washed and a Texaco Old Fashioned glass and getting change back even after tipping the guy a dime.

As for 1saleaday, yes they can be slow and I had a problem with a tablet missing a charger once but I had no trouble getting that resolved and I got a 5 dollar credit for the hassle.


@idontkn1 - It's very relevant in this case and your grandpapa would agree. Old Movies go DOWN in price over time, not the other way around. In a few more months this will be $9.99 and on the clearance racks. And why be fair to a company that even yourself has had issues with? I have bought 12 items from them and 8 had issues. Sadly I bought items while items were still in the process of being shipped or I would have learned quicker. Here is the last email response from them about sending an item that was incorrect and their fault, that they SENT 28 days after purchase. "JAN 04, 2013 | 07:10PM EST
Whitney replied:

Thank you for contacting 1saleaday,

I appreciate your order and we accept returns within 21 days when an item is defective. Unfortunately your order does not qualify for a return and I do apologize.

Thank you for your business and sorry for the inconvenience.


Deal with them no more.....


@woody1: I guess I am just a more understanding person than you. Having a missing charger sent 2 day mail and a five dollar credit is more than satisfactory as a resolution in my books therefore not an issue. I've probably ordered 25 times from them and like I said that was the only time I've had a problem other than an occasional slow processing. I've had as much trouble with WOOT regarding slow processing and not getting what I ordered than 1saleaday. As for what the price will be in a few months you're right right it may go down, but if you'd like to watch it in the next few weeks this is cheaper than Amazon. Hey you know what would probably be cheaper than waiting six months, waiting ten years when you probably can get it for 99 cents.