dealstripp lite internet350u ups desktop battery backā€¦


Not worth the money, these things are extremely cheap and you will be lucky to have them last a year before the unit kills itself. The school I work for made the mistake to try this brand one year, huge mistake. Ever since we deployed them, we have been in the process of swapping them out with APC UPS battery backups that last much much longer. Also with APC, you can replace the battery and get another few years out of them. With the Tripp Lite, the circuit board kills itself and changing the battery out does nothing but burn a hole in your wallet. You get what you pay for.


@dereknitrorc: Good points. APC is what my IT company uses exclusively.


I won't BUY from these guys anymore, but these small UPS are also good for protecting your TV and other expensive home electronics. Even after the battery dies, they still provide some surge protection from lightning and what not.

As the others have said though, stick with APC. They own this market, and for good reason.


apc back up thats cheaper by 20 cents :D no codes necessary idk how the specs compare so tell me if its any good or not