dealsacoustic research 6 foot hdmi cable - two pack…


Got this last wootoff, they may say they only do 720p but they do 1080p just fine


@bigcbass: Those aren't the same. These are Acoustic Research.


Here's a secret kids: HDMI cables are DIGITAL. This implies a host of things, but relative to purchasing cables, there's only one real important fact. There's no such thing as signal quality when you're only transmitting 1's and 0's. For any cable that meets the HDMI spec (and they have to, if they have HDMI anywhere in the title) they have to be able to transmit bits reliably over at least 15 feet (that means no bit flipping). This is trivial to do, and most cable components can do something closer to 50 feet without issue.

So when purchasing "High quality" HDMI cables, you are purchasing the modern equivalent of snake oil.

Monoprice sells damn good cables damn cheap.


@naktu: yeah, monoprice is the ONLY place I get cables from anymore.