dealsblack & decker 4 watt cree led flashlight for $19…


3x C-cell batteries (included), in case you don't feel like clicking.


If you're only buying 1, this is not a spectacular deal (with shipping, you're saving about $1.42 off the current Amazon price), but these make good Xmas gifts for the flashlight lovers in the family, so if you're buying multiples, you'll save a bit of money.


Rather than this, why not do like I did and buy a brighter(Claimed 300lm, but truly more like 200lm), 4" long, 1-AA multifunction flashlight for 1/4 of the this price delivered. Unless you need this one as a club.
This one doesn't even list the emitter spec., mine are Cree Q5


BTW, just search Amazon for "AA LED flashlight", then take your pick.......


And maybe one of the zillions of Woot sites can have some rechargeable C and D cells soon, hm?


@cole103: You forget to tell us what it is.


Cole, there are several reasons to want a flashlight like this that runs on 3C's instead of 1AA battery. I use flashlights quite a bit, there are good reasons for each type - its not an either/or kind of situation.