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This offer is $1 off the price of one book from a selection of 50 titles, most of which seem to be in the $3-5 range. There is some poorly written language in the offer, which had given me the impression that I was going to find a selection of $1 books to choose from. Not so. Just FYI.


@netonyx: Actually, I believe the deal is that you DO get the book for $1. I did this same deal two days ago. Once you correctly load the voucher, you buy the book out of the approved list that you want, and when you get the receipt it will show that the price was changed to $1. Note that when you're browsing the books, the prices will not be adjusted, they will still show higher than $1. The price change happens at buy-time and is reflected on the receipt you will be emailed.


@ki4rxm: Exactly as you described it. Gracias.

@extech01: Thanks for the deal!

The selection is somewhat limited, but YMMV. I found something I thought was worth $1.


Has anyone read any of the 50 books in the list? None of them look too appealing at first glance.