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How much weight can they hold?

What's that, officer? Oh, that's just a bag full of yard waste in my trunk...


perfect as a body bag to save money on a funeral. Just wrap up and bury


It looks strong enough to hold your mother-in-law. :-)


What material are these bags made of? Canvas? Plastic?



As long as these are the same bags listed on Amazon as well, this was a question that was answered there:

Q: What is it made from? What thickness is the material?

A:Hello Pam, The bag is made of a woven nylon and is roughly the thickness of a dime. I remember seeing the first time and laughing. I was worried that the bag would not be tough enough for what I had planned for it. But this will last for years being drug (dragged - ?) across the yard with branches, leaves, grass clippings and garden waste in it. It is over built, just the way I like things to be. By the way, since it is a bag and not just a tarp, I am able to use our very nice Honda Odyssey to haul this stuff to the dump. I just put a blanket between the bag and the carpet to keep the dirt that may be on the bag from soiling the van, but the zippered bag keeps the other stuff contained. I do not regret this purchase. Scott


I think Dexter needs to invest in these! (I'm only on season 5, so he still exists for me!)


I finally caved and bought 4 of the large ones. Should be more capacity than a 4x4x8 trailer and much easier to transport. Use coupon code HOT32 for 10% off $20+ to make it a better deal!


I was hoping it would have a picture of Bigfoot on it, so people would think you were hauling him around. Kind of a disappointment.


I've used these... they're made of the same plastic weave fabric as a tarp. They're tough enough to drag across grass, but I wouldn't drag them across concrete.