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Not giving my phone number just to get a quote.Lost (potential)sale.


I don't see any savings with this "deal"


This is not a deal. This is an ad. That's too bad because I've been thinking about getting pet insurance. Would be devastated if something happened to my girls, and I couldn't afford to pay. However, no deal, no interest. Will probably eventually sign up with Healthy Paws.


My gerbils and goldfish aren't eligible. I feel cheated.


Nice it asked for my pet's name and that was as far as I could get. Tried again and said my pet's name was "No Interest"......bye bye


I have yet to find a pet insurance plan that isn't so laden with exclusions that it's basically useless. The vet bills for my two geriatric poodles ran $2450 in the last 14 months. This was for routine flea/heartworm meds, meds for arthritis and chronic fungal foot/toe infections, a bunch of xrays after one case of gastritis and one back injury, and not a cent of it would have been covered under the plans I've checked on.

By the way: Progressive Auto Insurance automatically includes $1000 of vet bills if your pet is injured in an auto accident with you.


@dave17: "By submitting this form, I authorize that PetPremium may contact me via telephone including calls to the phone number I provided above. I authorize that these marketing or telemarketing communications may be delivered to me using an automatic telephone dialing system or by pre-recorded message."

Oh, yeah. Notice the use of the plural "calls" throughout? And their telemarketing may include robo-calls? Geez, they want permission to make robo-calls for eternity, apparently.

This is another one of those "deals" that Woot shouldn't be accepting.


Will it cover my collection of Pet Rocks??


@dealseekerdude: Yes it does until they have health issues.