deals50lbs draw pistol grip crossbow w/ arrows for $8…


cheap junk, broke in a day


pistol grip bow on my lap at all times.

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@viper1968: my nephew got one for xmas from BudK and a piece broke on the left after the 2nd or 3rd shot, literally. after 2 more shots there was a large crack in it. this item is probably comparable in quality. after you draw back and fire the cord snaps forward with too much pressure/force for the cheap plastic. buyer beware!


I have two of these. I bought two just in case, as some have experienced, they break easy.

yes, they do break easy... IF you don't return the cocking arm to the forward position. I learned my lesson which was to READ THE WARNING LABELS AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Luckily, My second one is still new in the box and the original one, while cracked, still works well if instructions are followed.


VERY hard to string the bow without a 3rd hand


How many zombies can I kill before the damn thing backfires and I become one?
It should be marketed as a quantum conundrum!


NO. Buy a slingshot!

Got one of these from BudK as a gift a long time ago, along with an extra drawstring. Used it about six or seven times just for target practice and fun. Never broke, but then I knew better than to leave the draw arm back after cocking it. Even so, the drawstring will get damaged by hitting the metal draw arm. Still have it, somewhere.

Accuracy is terrible, trigger sticks too much, plastic is cheap, as expected. Just to warn you, it does fire the cheap plastic bolts hard enough to completely bury them in soft ground, and just a piece of cardboard is not a sufficient backdrop, though a dartboard is hard enough to dent the tips or break the plastic shaft. However, it's too dangerous to be a toy and the quality is too poor to be useful for anything. You are basically paying for a paperweight and the ability to say you own a crossbow.

If you're even considering something like this, really, get a good slingshot instead. Real crossbows are $200+.


Very cheap.. Bolts broke upon impact with not so hard wood surface, then the whole thing broke with in the first 3 days