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Rodent of Unusual Size plush toys?

I don't believe they exist.


Just need someone to pay for the plus $6.94 for shipping.


The Princess Bride mascot.....
A girls favorite plush toy!


@retorak: On thinkgeek they were like $20+ a couple days ago when I placed an order. If they were $5 then I would have added one. Though they aren't really that big. If anything I'd say they're Rodents Of Normal Sizes


Limit 2.

They are also available for 1000 points at checkout with minimum purchase amount, but you can still only get 2 total (I tried) so I'm shelling out another $5 and savin' mah points.

Dueling ROUS!


Poor customer service from thinkgeek!


I actually had great customer service from ThinkGeek. I ordered 2 of these plushies, but they accidentally sent 3. I emailed to let them know, and they told me to keep the extra one as a gift for being awesome. :)