dealsnew samsung galaxy note unlocked for $599.99


saw an ad for this phone on tv... it's more like a mini tablet, IMO, too big to really be considered "a phone" for me.


I would not risk this much money on a purchase with Dailysteals. Before you buy anything, read some of the previous threads about this merchant:


Thanks for the tips on Daily Steals... This IS a good price for this- I just bought one! I also found a site in the UK selling them for $550, but I think it was a different model with lower specs, so I ponied up the extra to get one on Amazon. I LOVE it! It's big, but even with leather case that folds over the screen, it fits in my jeans pocket. Works great so far! I bought an unlocked one, because I have 2 months left with T-Mobile. When my contract is up, I may switch to AT&T and get another one, or two, or three...