dealsdyson 10" bladeless fan (refurbished) for $99.99…


What about the blades that are inside the base?


@criticalcritic: Shhh...the fan in the base is supposed to be a secret.


What if Dyson had enough capital to price their fan at $300 knowing only a few idiots would buy one at that price. Then they re-offered it at $100 and called it "refurbished" thereby luring hundreds, if not thousands, of additional buyers believing they are getting a great deal on such a "unique" product.

All the while knowing that even if initially priced at $100, they would have only suckered a fraction of the market they now command via the "refurbished" product line.

Seriously, $100 for a fan that costs no more than $15 to produce**?

** Totally made up estimate of production costs.


This will go perfectly with my Bose system and Monster cables.


Hey wooters: If you actually fall for Dyson's scheme you don't belong on deals.woot. Of all the ridiculous...$100 bucks for some plastic and a motor, refurbished?


@criticalcritic: the LOUD fans in the base. These things are not quiet, and they are not bladeless. How does this thing have upvotes?


"The AM01 has an energy efficient brushless motor"

All AC(alternating current) motors are brushless. Man, Dyson has really been getting on my nerves recently.


@jamieinoc: Seriously? I take it you never pay more than $2. for a computer since it's just plastic and sand?


I have one of the dyson fans, it's noisy & doesn't move much air. I love their vacuums though :)


This, for me, goes in the same category as their airblade hand drying technology. If I wanted a big spray of water in my face I'd just splash some on at the sink and not worry about drying my hands afterwards. Which is what I end up with anyway.


@gorbag: No, computers can have good parts or bad parts. A fan is a very simple piece of technology: blades spin and move air. This thing is loud, slow moving, and loaded with marketing gimmicks. That's why you need to stay far away from this waste of money.


Hmmm....looks to me like it would make a great bubble wand.


@chicagonative: >"great bubble wand"

ESPECIALLY if you had a really long extension cord* and could INFLATE THE BUBBLES!!!

===>flash %^)

note: Do Not Try This At Home. use as bubble wand is made for literary and entertainment purposes only. Do Not Use Electrical Appliances Around Water, excepting electrical appliances specifically designed and certified for this purpose that have been approved for such by


I might get this if I had a small kid. As a child I would sit for hours in front of the fan and talk into it. Then hear how my voice was altered by the moving blade, and the forbidden "don't touch the blade," my parents would say....


I just received my "refurbished" fan. It was scratched in several places and wasn't really clean. Just wanted to let others know so they don't also get surprised.


seen one of these in action at a store. not very exciting and certainly not worth a hundred bucks. unless you want it for decor but its pretty lame.