dealsxbox 360 4gb console with kinect for only $99…


Note that this deal has been extended to GameStop and Best Buy as well (

Heck of a deal if you are looking to lower your upfront costs. If you aren't worried about upfront costs though you are better off just getting the normal price and buying a 2 year Gold card.


When its all said and done

$14.99/m for 24 months
$99 for Xbox
After tax come up to about $496....rather do he upfront cost.


@livinonedge Cost without tax is $459.75. Cost of two one year subscriptions (at full price since that is what most people pay) plus this $299.99 Xbox bundle is $419.97. So you are only paying $40 bucks more over 2 years and gives a much lower cost of entry. The cost if you do the $29.99 for 3 months (which a lot of people do) plus this Xbox is $499.91. So if you are they kind of person who buys Live subscriptions any way other than 1 year at a time, this will actually save you money.