dealsportable camping cooking bag for $6.99


Seems like a lot of money for a single-use one-can heater. Claims to be environmentally friendly but ends up in a landfill after use, unlike campfire ashes.


These are basically the heat packs that come in MREs, only whole MREs cost just as much as they are charging for the heat pack.

Also, this can only really be used to cook things that don't need to be cooked (in cans, pouches, etc), so not actually that great unless you really care that your can of beans is slightly warm.


@zippy the pinhead: video says it can be used 10 times as it comes with 10 heating packs


These would be great to use when back packing or camping in a fire restricted area.


@172722: Which means that each heating pack has to be thrown away after one use, which means zippy was right.


Watch the video! Has GOT to be the worst produced video since Uncle Rico stopped tossing the pigskin. Watch him trying to get the (probably) cold chili out of the can at the end. Great stuff!