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Also. It's very hard to see on the graph but if you slide the date range to 1 or 3 months the change in price becomes somewhat more clear.


Oh, good Lord I hate to say's looks like a dup. Camel, camel doesn't make a's the deal itself that counts. Same company, same price, etc. per jumbowoot.

A dup that is 2 months old. I think it's the same one. IMO: Dups this old are silly. Absurd, really. Who looks back that far?

Am not tattling this...please let me know that it's not the same deal. FWIW: I upvoted and hope the deal remains. So tired of the antiquated rules. Unpublished, unofficial rules.


Ha! The old deal has been expired. No longer an issue, nor a dup. Happy to see that. :-)


@gmwhit: Isn't it odd how that works? I have tattled duplicate deals on several occasions, then was made to look like a dolt when the "old" deal mysteriously "expired". I can see the point of the OP on this one because the price had changed, thus rendering the first post as RIP. Or not.....was the 1st one tattled when the price changed? Wouldn't an auto-expiration date button come in handy here ? Just wishful thinking because I am only e pluribus unum.


@jsimsace: Hmmmm The old (dup) deal was exactly the same price, same site, etc. It was 2 months old. Have no idea why it was suddenly RIP'ed. Am very happy that it was.

Yes, old deals that are no longer visible should be auto-expired. Do I think that will ever happen? Right! Pigs flying and all that. The FAQs becoming official...and so on.

Edit to add: e pluribus unum sounds like Greek to me. No wait! Correction....That's expired language, right? ;-)


@gideonfrost: Graph? Is there some part of this site that I have yet to click on? Unthinkable! What/where/when is this graph?


@viciousspike: The graph is on the camelcamelcamel link I posted