dealsgoogle maps for iphone 3gs, iphone, ipod touch…


Compared to Apple Maps it is! :)


"Google Maps is now available [for] your iPhone and iPad."

Except for the iPad.


@gerrware: Considering this is relatively new, it's a nice way to let the people know of a new feature they can use. I found out about Woot Check the same way. (And I use it way too much)


This seems to be a whole new app, separate from the older version of Google Maps. I never updated to iOS 6, so I still have the older Maps on my phone. This doesn't show up as an update on my phone & when installed, is separate from the older Google Maps app. Be aware that if you have iOS 6 installed, Apple Maps is still the default map app.


The rest question is... When is Apple Maps going to release on Android? I've been waiting for months!


*overpriced iphone sold seperately