deals12" ratcheting bar clamp / spreader for $1.99


Save your money for a good set, unless you are going to other things than clamping wood with them.


I've bought a few of these, broke a couple too. A case where you get what you've paid for.


I agree with cadapult. I broke one right off the bat. The material this clamp is constructed from is not strong enough to withstand its own leverage.

Metal pipe clamps are the way to go. Or, something similar to this:


Yes, you get what you pay for. Blah blah blah.

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These are not worth the money at any price. I bought 6 of these in two sizes to re-glue some wood chairs. All broke within a 1/2 hourfrom simply trying to tighen the pieces of the chair enough to hold it together while the wood glue dried. I ended up having to disassemble the chair, scrape the half-dried glue off and go buy new better clamps to do the job. They ended up making me to do the job twice.


I have two of these, and unlike most HF stuff, I also can't recommend them. Mine didn't break, but the clamps won't hold onto the bar enough to generate the pressure needed to break it, which means it also has no gripping power.

You could put one hand in the clamp and squeeze the clamp as hard as you want with the other, and it won't hurt, it just slips down the bar.