dealsematic genesis series w/ wifi 7" touchscreen…


does anyone have one of these? looking to get it as something for my nephew to play with when hes over goods? bads?


Well, it appears to use a third party appstore, not the android market. That could be bad, obviously this won't be a high powered tablet, but may suffice for kids? I loaned my Acer to 2 kids on an airplane, and they pushed so many things so fast it locked up a few times, so perhaps no tablet is great for a kid without patience.....


@spikedknight: It's got a micro SD slot, meaning it should be able to easily be dual-booted, or just plain rooted to a cleaner Android install to use whoever's apps.
I haven't checked, so I stress 'should', and dual-booting doesn't void any warranty.


I get concerned about rooting these things, as I think a lot of people don't know what they are doing or talking about and you can "brick" your tablet.


Note the comparison chart at the very bottom of the page before you buy. This thing has a resistive touchscreen. That would be a deal killer for me.


@justwootinit: Definitely agree, you might as well head over to the China websites like focalprice or mp4nation, they also have sub $100 tablets, but at least they're capacitive.


About the only thing this thing is good for is playing angry birds. My wife has one, and the camera sensor is a pink lined screen jail cell for Skype. Web pages take forever to load and customer service is non-existent. Hunk-o-junk money vaccum IMO. Their app shop is like shopping at the dollar store or flea market dollar tool stand.


Its only an Android tablet guys. The word PC should be nowhere in the description seeing as it may fool people. I figured I should just make it clear


The PC wording came from the Walmart site, not from the OP


@radi0j0hn: That's the beauty of dual-booting: you are actually running the thing from the OS installed on the micro SD card- nothing actually changes on the device itself, so no harm is done and one gets to see how the device should really run.


@fyrfytr44: I don't blame the op Walmart did it as a gimmick/misleader. But a tablet PC runs windows or Linux not android