dealsdigital bags for cameras for $0.49 + free shipping


I have a few myself for non-camera type of things. these are great for carrying quarters to the laundromat.


Love Meritline. Get something fun for less than a buck. A few weeks pass and you total forget you ordered anything. Then a little package from overseas shows up at your door.

In for one of those bags, I could use one for my earphones.



It's a $2 off coupon, I bought two bags for under $3, still free shipping. Daughter is getting a DSLR for graduation and this will be great for the bits and bobs.


Just got one, can't beat the price!


Digital bags for cameras? Maybe they are really selling "bags for digital cameras" as I could not find a USB connection on the bag. :-)


I wonder what they did with all the analog bags..


@sniffy22: They're all sold out of those. They said that they weren't going to be making any more and were going to an all-digital line from now on.


Be sure to change shipping to "Ground Service (FREE)" if you don't mind the wait.


This is pretty cool for .49 cents, gotta say. Can put lots of fun stuff in here, reminds me of the old "crown" bags they used to have.


@zuiquan: They have a converter for analog items to go into digital bags, but it doesn't work with Mac.


Definitely worth getting it for a cellphone pouch.


Does NOT fit the Canon Powershot s95, as I learned the hard way.


Does not fit an Panavision 70mm camera either. Of course one size does not fite every camera in the world.

But dammit, they're $2.49 now. I'm really ticked that I missed this deal!