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This is from an eBay seller with 419 a feedback score and a 97% positive feedback rating. 12 months ago the seller had mostly positive feedback but has not sold anything in the past 6 months. Seller started in 2001 and has had three different IDs. There is no feedback on this item yet. Seller is located in Honolulu, HI and accepts Paypal. I would say seller is trustworthy, but it has been a while since he or she has been in business. I eBay, and I'm a cautious buyer.


And you should find these that are .930 Rhodium plated for the same price elsewhere


Sorry but a 9 ct. black sapphire? really? It's pretty obvious this is costume jewelry. The first clue is that any sapphire worth anything is polished not cut so that the star asterism is displayed. a 3 stone collection of 30 ct would cost $1300 on sale. If you are looking for cheap crappy stuff look no further you found it.


@skildude: It is, for this price, a created sapphire. I would not say it is bad quality, and actually, it is probably flawless, as are most created sapphires. It is fairly easy to create a sapphire; the watch crystal on Rolexes is a slice from a form of a clear, colorless sapphire. The only ones that display the six pointed star asterism is a form that have acicular inclusions that cause this phenomenon. Therefore, the method of production that makes an almost flawless sapphire prevents a star sapphire from forming.

This is not costume jewelry, but rather, just man-made jewelry with some rather small and (probably)flawed and off colored natural diamonds for accent. This would make a good gift for a young man with little income to get his woman because of the price and the classiness of it.


Is this suitable for throwing into the ocean?


why call it genuine? if its man made then say so.