dealsmonster beats solo™ (refurbished) & isplitter…


This'll go great with the Monster brand HDMI cable I picked up at a bargain for $100 at BestBuy the other day...

Seriously though, does anyone have any good experiences with Monster brand products?


Hypocrisy, thy name is Monster Cable.

Deals.woot is on that list.


Great headphones if you don't mind hearing nothing but the bass in your music...

I'd much rather a pair of ATH-M50s at this price, or the Beyerdynamic DT-770 series at the MSRP of a new pair of these. Way cleaner audio, lighter weight headphones (do we really need an aluminum head band? thanks no), and no giant "b" on the side. All winning in my book.


Tattled. Counterfeit merchandise. The site even appears on Monster's List of Unauthorized Sellers. This deal should be deleted in no time.



Word. I roll the DT 770s and they rock.


@chris12345: "Beware of fake sites trying to fool you as well. All sites containing "Beats" or "Monster" other than and are unauthorized and likely sell fake products." - From the Beats website

I believe the site this links to is which it says is NOT an unauthorized site...hence it is a legit website.


I can see on the list of unauthorized dealers, but when you click the link to purchase this deal and checkout, you are buying from actual monstercable website. Am i missing something?


@andytsa: I wasn't implying these are fakes or anything like that. I just find it funny that Moster Cable has deals.woot blacklisted, but then they here they are (giving deals.woot money) with a sponsored deal.

@chris12345: Tattling, brilliant! You are my hero!


Monster products are ridiculously overpriced for the quality you're getting and considering they're one of the worst abusers of the DMCA out there, which I find that quite disgusting, I wouldn't buy these for a dollar.


how about they release "Detox," so that we can hear some REAL Dre...


For 100$ these are fine. Not great but acceptable.


Monster generally equals over priced. These BEATS headphones are no exception. Over half the time I see these the "headband" is cracked or even broken. The buds don't farewell either as the magnet seal starts to fail and you hear a buzzing sound in one ear along with your music. No thanks.


@hudsm9589: For $100, you would expect them to be brand new, not refurbished. I don't think that price is "fine".

Ah, but they're from Monster. I'm sure these are high quality and worth the price and not just a pile of returns from people feeling buyer's remorse once they realized they were just overpriced junk.


I made many mistakes in raising my son, but he knows better than to buy Monster so I have succeeded.


Like Bose, Monster Beats = better audio through marketing. Skip this and go for something like Denon AH-D1100 or Sennheiser HD-555, similarly priced, vastly superior audio quality.


I almost posted this deal as being similar to many of the massively overpriced products on the market. The ad is a hoot - lots of meaningless puffery to try to disguise a cable selling for 500 times market value. Enjoy.


Unsurprisingly, Monster/Beats was one of the big supporters of SOPA/PIPA. Probably ACTA and TPPA too, though I've not looked far enough into those yet to say for sure.

Depending on your budget and needs, Koss, Sennheiser, Grado, Ultrasone, and Audio-Technica all have decent offerings.


My money will never go to SOPA supporters. If you try to take away my freedom, you will not get another dollar from me. Ever.


Some dude tried to convince me that their store "beats" headphones had better sound than mine.

I stopped my music, put theirs on, and they were blown out.

I laughed in his face, put on my $10 Big Lot headphones, and went about my business.


I HATE SOPA, RIAA, etc. I hate all these millionare mama's boys telling me I have to pay them 15$ for their crappy album/movie on every device I own.

So...I have seen multiple posts saying Monster supports them. Why do you say that? Not that I'm doubting, I'm just wondering if this is based upon rumor or truth. According to their site they don't.

Of course, every guy in prison say's he's innocent so I'm coming here for a second, probably more informed, discussion.


I'm sure most people today don't care about the price or even if these are fakes. That red "b" is now a fashion statement more than a source of good headphones.


@mleejr: ? Did the new site take away edits? I can't edit my post?

To me :)

I did a bit of research and found some articles. Still not sure as to validity, but they seem legit. Still checking.
For example;

Why in the WORLD would monster even get involved in such things? It seems to me they don't have a dog in this fight.


@brashattack: Haha. This is funny. I doubt many of my fellow woot deal-ers look at status symbol status when purchasing their electronic deals.
I don't need "Prada" or "Armani" branded 82'' TVs or gaming laptops. If I'm going to spend more money on a TV then I want a bigger TV or a faster gaming laptop!


Remember kids, if it says "Monster" on the box, you are paying too much!


Ironic that I've listened to "counterfeit" Beats headphones and the model they were counterfeiting back to back, and genuinely assumed the counterfeit was the real thing. It sounded better and was more comfortable.


A long time ago in a galaxy identical to this one, when everything was still analog Monster made a decent audiophile cable. It was more expensive, but with high end equipment you could hear the difference.

Today however they are overpriced and trying to demand a premium on digital cables based on this reputation. As everyone here obviously knows, in the digital world either the signal goes from the source to the destination, or it doesn't. If it makes it, it sounds identical on a rip-off $120 monster cable as it does on a $.99 store cable.


@mleejr: it seems legit and it contradicts the statement on their website that they don't take a stance for or against SOPA. In fact, what they attempted with their bogus DMCA claim was the thing the supporters of SOPA wanted to legalize: Hold a search engine responsible for the content they did not produce and put the burden of proof of innocence on the engine.

I am so glad that people did not forget about SOPA and PIPA. All companies across the world must understand that if they support unjust legislation which turns the age old innocent-until-proven-guilty principle upside down, they will lose customers.


Audio Technica M50s for $142.00
If you want real headphones, avoid Beats at all costs, legit or not.
M50s are what men wear. (at a similar price point, of course)


I have taught my kids well, and so far no on has been caught monstrerbeating in my house!


Talked to Monster and got us removed. We don't sell anything so we should have not been on the list. There were people posting counterfeits in the community and that is how we got on there.


I'm just going to say thanks to all of you who post on here! I was about to pull the trigger on some wireless Monsters but I had no idea that they supported SOPA or any similar legislation.

Even better you guys actually pointed me to better quality headphones. Albeit they aren't wireless but you guys saved me again! THANKS!!!


All of the alternate choices listed already are very good, but to me, the best bang for the buck are the Samson SR850 phones:

Ridiculously good sound for $50. It easily matches or outperforms headphones that are twice the price.


Why tattle or complain? Any community-sourced deals.woot for $100 Beats would almost certainly result in a ton of people receiving counterfeit headphones. I don't see the hypocrisy, when Monster purchased a sponsored deal that links directly to their website.

Disclosure: I'm not a fan of Monster audio products and would sincerely choose my cheapest Sennheisers (hd203's, frequently under $50 at Amazon) over Beats Pros any day.


@shavelikeaman: I like how is also on there... lol what a list ;)