dealssamsung 24" widescreen led dual monitor bundle…


Good Find. These Monitors alone are $229 each on Newegg. This is about the cheapest you'll pay for a 24" LED dual setup, for nice monitors anyway. I'm pretty sure you'll have to pay taxes going through which will add up I'm sure.


@eraten: But then you can get free site to store shipping


Good deal if it was on Amazon. With ship to store it comes to $395.54. So I'm going to have to pass.


@kidkobun: it is free site to store shipping on this item do not know what you are talking about


the acer 23" acer monitors on a different deals.woot right now is a better deal. cheaper and they have VESA mounts so they can be mounted easier as dual.


@renatus: Yeah those are 23" Acer Monitors... these aren't?


@renatus: these are 24 inch and these are Samsung they make great monitors and if there is a better deal post it


Keep in mind that Walmart charges tax on online orders as well, at least in Florida, so it is 375 even before shipping. Granted, still a good deal, so nice find.


I'd pay the 9 bucks not to have to go into a Wal-Mart.


This is coming from a guy who is happy with his $95 24" LED Acer Refurb, but $229 is the going rate for this at newegg, amazon, walmart, bestbuy... so if you need two, it looks like a steal.

If you're not afraid of refurbs though, has them for $155 each.


Merchandise Fees $16.00
Tax $30.54

This is for CA so total is $395.54. If you pay for shipping then it's $405.48


@chyblsm: see rabidmonkeyoncrack's response. That is what I am talking about.